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Wolfsville Myersville Athletic Association

Disciplinary Policy

In order to promote a quality athletic experience, a safe and encouraging environment for youth to learn and develop athletic skills and to instill a strong culture of sportsmanship and teamwork, it is the policy of WMAA not to tolerate overly aggressive, abusive or hostile behavior in any organized team activity. This behavior is defined as physical violence that exceeds the appropriate nature of play, profane or discriminatory language, retaliation for events that occur during the time of practice or competition, and/or abusive comments that are meant to defame or slander a player, official, volunteer or parent within the WMAA or an opposing team.

If an incident has occurred, the following action can take place:

If observed by coaches, the coach has the right to issue a verbal warning to the participant and inform the parent of the behavior and may request parental/ guardian presence at practices. If behavior continues, the coach can remove the child from the activity and suspend them for one practice/game or competition. At this time, the coach will notify the coordinator in writing. If a third incident occurs, the participant can be suspended for one week from participating in all team related activities and the coordinator will again be informed. If the behavior persists, the coordinator will bring the matter before the Board of Directors for discussion and a defined action plan for the remainder of the designated season. All action should be documented and filed for future review as needed. If a season suspension is issued, all fees paid to the association would be forfeited.

If a parent wishes to make a complaint that was not observed by coaches, a written description of the incident must be sent to the appropriate sport coordinator for review. The coordinator must make every effort to investigate the claim as thoroughly as possible prior to contacting the parents of the aggressor. Once investigated, the same process listed for coaches should be followed.

In either scenario above, if incident is deemed severe enough or ongoing, and is extremely time sensitive, immediate suspension for the remainder of the season by the coordinator or President may be issued.

If incidents continue over multiple seasons, suspension from all future WMAA activities for perpetuity may be issued by the Board of Directors in order to preserve the integrity of the Association.

Any appeals to this policy must be submitted in writing first to the appropriate sport coordinator and then to the President of the Board for review and action.
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